July 1, 2009

Now that I’ve been at home in Maryland for about six weeks, it’s already time to go back to Worcester with the rest of the team to work Coach’scamp.  Our school year ended with a wonderful team trip to Italy.  While in Italy, we played three games against professional Italian teams; we won all three games!  After a very long flight, we arrived in Rome early in the morning.  We were all so excited to see all of the historic architecture, especially the coliseum.  We spent a couple nights in Rome before going on to Vatican City.  We toured the Sistine Chapel, which was absolutely breath taking.  The artwork was phenomenal! Next, we stopped in Siena, which was a great stop for shopping and sightseeing.  Siena was also the location of our second game.  After Siena we headed to Florence which was another beautiful city of Italy.  The next day, in Pisa we got the chance to visit the leaning tower of Pisa.  We were all excited to take pictures and try to master the art of making our pictures look like we were holding up the tower.  Our last day in Italy was spent at the beach in San Gimignano.  The beach was absolutely beautiful and was the perfect way to end the trip.  Overall Italy was a great experience.  I really enjoyed the opportunity to play overseas with my teammates and take in all the gorgeous sights! Tomorrow I’ll be headed to Providence, where I will be meeting up with the rest of the team to spend a few days at Bethany O’Dell’s house before camp starts on Sunday!

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